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Custom Conversational AI Avatars that Think, Look, Act, and Sound like us!

Mimic Minds specializes in crafting lifelike avatars, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology. We build personalized photorealistic chatbots, digital influencers, digital customer service representatives, NPC's, and more.


Personalized AI Avatars

Elevate your brand with our personalized AI avatars, perfect for marketing, content creation, customer service, training and beyond. We can bring your vision to life with creativity and innovation.

Companion AI
KItchen companion

Conversational AI

Unlock the potential of our AI-driven avatars, seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT (and other LLMs), to forge authentic interactions that captivate audiences with realism and adaptability, tailored for seamless integration across any platform.  

Intelligent NPC's
(Non-Playable Characters)

Elevate your gaming experience with our smart NPC solutions, where every interaction feels unique and alive. Elevate your gaming experience to new heights of realism and immersion.

NPC mimic minds
Mimicproductions Minds

Custom Avatars
by Mimic Productions 

We offer Custom Avatars service, tailored specifically for celebrities, influencers and personalities. We specialize in crafting lifelike digital personas, capturing every detail to ensure the most authentic representation and natural movement. 

Conversational AI Research

Meet Kai

Our conversational avatar, designed with the latest AI technology. Positioned at the forefront of avatar innovation, Kai delivers informed responses to all your queries with precision and expertise.

The future of AI avatars

We aim to evolve Kai into the most empathetic, engaging, and realistic version, fostering genuine connections and meaningful interactions with people. Our mission is to redefine avatar photorealism and natural movements, enabling lifelike communication.


Hanson Robotics
twenty billion neuron

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