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AI Avatar Services And Solutions

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Create a Character

We can build custom character  creator for your specific project

Multimodal AI Systems

Multimodal AI systems for dynamic, immersive human-computer interaction.

AI brand Platform Optimisation

Platform Optimisation

We support ChatGPT, Gemini along with other popular chatbot software. We also integrate our systems into real-time evironments such as Unity and Unreal.

Custom Character Solutions 

From scanning to rigging, and motion capture to AI Integration, mimic offers the full character-creation pipeline under one roof.

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Living Characters

We create a variety of different characters from photoreal to cartoon and creatures. 


3d Scanning

Our photogrammetry scanner captures every little detail to create the most realistic digital twins.

Conversational AI 3D Scanning Solutions

Motion Capture

Our state-of-the-art motion capture technology translates real-life movements onto your avatar.

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