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We specialize in crafting lifelike avatars, utilizing cutting-edge AI and 3D technology.

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About Our Founder

David Bennett, CEO of Mimic Productions and Mimic Minds, has over 30 years of experience in VFX, performance capture, gaming and VR. His pioneering work in facial motion capture led to successes such as Avatar and many other blockbusters. In 2012, he founded Mimic Productions, a leading studio that creates the world's most realistic digital characters for over 500 projects in multiple industries. Currently, David is focused on building AI-empowered avatars through his latest brand Mimic Minds

Photorealism is in
our DNA 

Mimic Minds emerges as an extension of Mimic Productions' work, an award-winning 3D animation studio, specializes in high-quality digital humans and characters, offering motion capture, scanning, character modeling, facial rigging, animation, AI integration, and creating 3D assets for the metaverse and XR. 

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Mimic Minds finds its home in Silent Green, a unique and dynamic Art and Tech hub situated in Berlin. Silent Green provides a space for innovative thinking, cross-disciplinary work, and the emergence of new technological forms. 

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